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College Planning
A Roadmap for Success

Finding a college or university that meets an individual's personal, academic and emotional needs is often difficult and stressful. With over 3,500 colleges, so many different opinions, and the increasing competitive nature of the admissions process, it seems like today's young adults are faced with a great deal of challenges while planning for their future.

College Attendance: Statistics show that almost 40% of students drop out of college and never earn their bachelor's degree. Almost 25% of college freshman do not return for their sophomore year.

College Transfers: Nearly 30% of all students will transfer to other universities prior to earning a bachelor's degree.

Costs: The average cost for four years at a public university is approximately $45,000 and for private universities it is over $110,000.

With this in mind, Porter Associates Educational Consultants will help you make the most informed choices possible. Our services will help you maximize your high school experience, stay organized through the college application process and help you find the optimal educational choices that provide you the academic challenges and the emotional setting that your child needs to be successful.